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From the very basic kick/snare Rock grooves to the more syncopated ones, this Rock drum loop collection covers all the basics. Solid, in-the-pocket Rock grooves with a human feel loop seamlessly and will ensure an excellent foundation to build your tracks around.


When paired with one of our relevant sampled drum plugins from the Handy Drums range, they will playback as if they were lifted off one of your favorite records.


Included in the Rock drum loop collection are:

  • A total of 360 Rock midi drum loops, based on 90 rhythmic patterns
  • Quarter note and 8th note subdivisions (pulse)
  • 4 parts per rhythm pattern: subdivisions on closed hats, open hats, ride bell, crash
  • Each rhythm has an identical kick/ snare pattern throughout the 4 parts, with the top component changing (from closed to open hats, to ride, to crash cymbal)
  • “In the pocket” grooves with a human feel
  • Accompanying drum fills
  • Variable hi-hats, so you can easily adjust the openness (hi-hat tension) by utilizing CC4*


These loops adhere to Handy Drums standard drum mapping. For excellent results, we recommend the Handy Drums Rock Standard plugin.

Type: Midi Loops

Size: 200KB


 Goran Rista

Format: MIDI- Type 0, Type 1

Genre: ROCK


(Win 7+)  (MacOS 10.11+, dual binary)

Killer Rock drum beats on your tracks with a few mouse clicks.

Use them out of the box or as a foundation for your own custom grooves.

For producers and songwriters alike.

Handy Grooves: Rock drum loops you can actually use

Handy Grooves: Rock drum loops you can actually use

You don’t want a drum loop that sounds like an octopus is having a field day on a drumset. You are the star of the show and you need a solid foundation.


These Rock drum loops are perfect for producers starting with something easy and basic. The collection includes grooves that range from the most simple beats, such as just kick-snare-kick-snare, all way up through more complicated ones such as syncopations on snare and kick!


So whether you’re just getting started making your tunes in Garageband or another DAW, need some extra material because what sounds good is subjective – these MIDI Rock drum loops have got you covered.

They snap together beautifully, particularly when you meld
the appropriate genre-flavoured grooves with their respective kits.


The grooves are very usable, the MIDI obviously editable,
and the price pretty modest given what’s on offer.


For immediate results, the collection of Handy Grooves MIDI drum loops is where the fun begins.



Human Feel

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

All drummers deviate from mathematically perfect timing, and great drummers manage to do it consistently, making the music feel good.

Be it laying back on 2 & 4 on the snare or slight swinging of the hi-hats, they all help make a human groove feel good in music.


Our MIDI rock drum loops are not mathematically perfect and have that human magic injected into them while keeping a consistent feel.

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

Expertly Edited

Expertly Edited

All of the MIDI loops in our Rock drum pack are clean and loop seamlessly. They have been carefully edited and programmed so that each note sounds as it would in real life if played by a human Rock drummer.


Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

A rhythm played on a percussive instrument can have many dynamic levels within a single bar. Some notes are strong and used to spell out the main rhythm, while others are soft and “ghosted,” providing the much-needed flow. They act as “time glue,” bridging the gaps between accented notes while delivering a subliminal sense of time and groove.


Further, as the velocity of drum playing changes, articulations may also change, so having those at correct levels is essential for natural-sounding grooves.


Our MIDI Rock drum loops have the appropriate microdynamics to make them sound as natural as possible when played back through one of our drum plugins.

Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

“In the Pocket”

“In the Pocket”

A rock-solid, consistent drum groove that fits well into the music is considered to be “in the pocket.” Solid timing, good feel, and microdynamics converge to make these loops sound realistic.


The Rock drum grooves in this pack will deliver “the pocket” with every loop, so all you need to do is to make sure to lock in with them.

Practical time-saver

Drag and drop one of our rock drum loops into your project and hit the ground running. Tweaking is easy, so making them your own will be that much quicker.


Change articulations, add or mute notes, or move them to other instruments while preserving the grooves’ essence and feel.

Variable Hi-hats

Variable Hi Hats- What Are They And How To Utilize Them Within Handy Drums?

Variable Hi-hats

Variable hi-hats allow you to easily adjust how open or how close a hi-hat is played. We created handy Grooves ROCK DRUMS midi loops for Handy Drums range of plugins, which accomplish variable hi-hats most practically and efficiently possible.


The hi-hats utilize only two midi notes: one for the edge and the other for the tip sounds, and you can regulate the openness or tightness by employing the CC4. Turn the controller wheel to make the hats go from tightly closed to fully open at will. You may also effortlessly write out the automation.


This approach streamlines something that was previously more of a time sink of assigning notes to each articulation.


Watch the video to see how easy it is to do this.

Perfect Companions- Handy Drums ROCK STANDARD plugin

3d virtual packaging box of handy drums next to main GUI page of handy drums rock standard v2 with computer music award stamp on top

Pair the Handy Grooves ROCK drum loops with the Handy Drums ROCK STANDARD plugin, our ultra-realistic sampled drum kit, to make your Rock drum tracks sound their best.


While our Rock drum loops are based on GM drum mapping wherever practical, they were created as the perfect accompaniment to our drum plugins. The MIDI loops have an installer that offers seamless integration with Handy Drums, making them instantly accessible within their MIDI Loop Browser.


Pairing the Rock Drums MIDI pack with the John Bonham kit sounds great and gets you right where you need to be in building a rock tune.


Have a listen to our other drumsets as well. With sound varieties abound, you are set to find the one that blends right into your song. 

3d virtual packaging box of handy drums next to main GUI page of handy drums rock standard v2 with computer music award stamp on top


Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Goran Rista is a professional session drummer and producer based out of Miami, FL, and founder of GoranGrooves.com.


Over two dozen virtual drum instruments consisting of thousands of drum samples and over 13,000 midi drum beats and drum fills, make him one of the world's most prolific drum loop producers.


Goran's drum set libraries and drum loops are used by over 90,000 performing musicians and studio producers worldwide. They are the soul and groove behind one of today's most popular and best-selling drum machines- BeatBuddy.


Curious to find out more?

Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Ready to get grooving?

Original price was: $29.00.Current price is: $20.00.