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Whether you are laying down your newest Reggae original or doing a remake of a Marley classic, these midi Reggae drum loops will provide you a solid foundation on which to build.


With almost all Reggae beats and Reggae drum fills known to man included, you are bound to find the one that hits the spot. If not, try the “one drop.” That should do it.


Included in the midi Reggae drum loop collection are:

  • A staggering total of 320 midi Reggae drum loops
  • 347 accompanying Reggae drum fills, aka Reggae drum rolls
  • 160 loops with just drums
  • 160 loops containing drums and Reggae percussion loops and elements
  • Straight and Swing-feel grooves
  • Variable hi-hats allow you to adjust the openness just by utilizing CC4
  • One Drop, Steppers, and Backbeat variations
  • Quarter, eight, and sixteen-note variations on hats
  • bonus- Stewart Copeland-inspired grooves with the kick on quarter note off beats


These midi Reggae drum loops were made for use with Handy Drums REGGAE STANDARD, a virtual sampled Reggae drums plugin.



Type: Midi Loops

Size: 300KB


 Goran Rista

Format: MIDI- Type 0, Type 1



(Win 7+),  (MacOS 10.11+, dual binary)

Authentic Reggae drum beats on your track with a few mouse clicks.

Use them out of the box or as a foundation for your custom grooves.

For producers and songwriters alike.

Handy Grooves: Reggae drum loops you will use

Handy Grooves: Reggae drum loops you will use

No drum soloing freaks are allowed in here. The solid, musical Reggae drum grooves will provide a reliable foundation for building your Reggae tracks.


Pick one of the ultra-simple Reggae beats or venture to the more colorful ones that include percussion. This comprehensive Reggae drum pack includes bells, blocks, and even beer bottles.


Whichever direction you decide to take, rest assured that any one of the included Reggae drum tracks will be handy and highly usable.

They snap together beautifully, particularly when you meld
the appropriate genre-flavoured grooves with their respective kits.


The grooves are very usable, the MIDI obviously editable,
and the price pretty modest given what’s on offer.


A turnkey way to stay focused on your creativity and songwriting
without worrying about the details.



Human Feel

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

We drummers play off the grid. No, not the electric one. The mathematical one. The best amongst us manage to do so reliably, making the music groove and feel good.


All the slight deviations from the perfect timing are one of the elements that make a groove sound natural.


While we didn’t get carried away too far from the grid, we gave our best to make these Reggae drum loops worthy of rasta attention.

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

Expertly Edited and Programmed

Expertly Edited And Programmed

Recording on e-drums doesn’t always turn out the way we imagine it would. It frequently requires clean-up and careful adjustments of velocities and timing.


These Reggae midi drum loops are squeaky clean and contain only the musical elements you expect to get. We did whatever was necessary to make every note sound the way it should when played back through a drum plugin.


Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

Micro-dynamics can make or break a groove. They can either make a MIDI loop sound, oh, so robotic and fake, or indistinguishable from the real thing.


Many sampled percussion instruments sound different depending on how hard they are played. Playing them back with the proper articulations requires careful attention to individual notes’ velocity levels within a drum loop.


Our Reggae midi drum loops contain the all-important realistic dynamics and articulations to convey the natural performance.

Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

“In the Pocket”

“In the Pocket”

Human timing and microdynamics combined with articulations are elements of “in the pocket” grooves. 


Although it is best to have a great Reggae drummer laying down a fat Reggae groove on acoustic drums, we did our best to bring your music as much of that essence as possible with our Reggae drum loops.


These Reggae drum loops are rock-solid, sound natural, feel good and loop seamlessly. What’s not to like?

Practical time-saver

An authentic Reggae groove is only a drag-n-drop away from your production. With the solid Reggae beat already in place, you are free to focus on other elements of your songs.


Customizing these loops is straightforward and fun. Mute, drag, change the notes, or even drum kits while preserving the original human elements.

Variable Hi-hats

Variable Hi Hats- What Are They And How To Utilize Them Within Handy Drums?

Variable Hi-hats

Variable hi-hats allow you to easily adjust how open or how close a hi-hat is played. We created handy Grooves REGGAE DRUMS loops for Handy Drums plugins, which accomplish variable hi-hats most practically and efficiently possible.


The hi-hats utilize only two midi notes: one for the edge and the other for the tip sounds, and you can manipulate the openness by employing the CC4. Tighten or loosen the hi-hats ever so slightly with a turn of the mod wheel. So simple, our grandma can do it.


This approach streamlines something that was previously more of a time sink of assigning notes to each articulation.


Check out the video to see how easy it is to do this.

Perfect Companions:

Handy Drums REGGAE STANDARD plugin

3d virtual packaging box of handy drums next to main GUI page of handy drums reggae standard v2 with computer music award stamp on top

Pair the Handy Grooves REGGAE DRUMS loops with Handy Drums REGGAE STANDARD plugin, our ultra-realistic, authentic Reggae-sounding sampled drum plug-in, for best results and to take advantage of variable hi-hats.


They were literarily made for each other. Ying and yang at their finest. The MIDI loops come with an installer that offers seamless integration with Handy Drums, making them instantly accessible within their MIDI Loop Browser. Bring your tracks to the next level and enjoy album-like playback right out of the box.


Handy Drums and Handy Grooves is a perfect pairing for the singer-songwriter, musician, or producer who wants to get a professional-sounding drum track up and grooving.


Looking for an alternative sound? Check out the other drumsets in the range below.

3d virtual packaging box of handy drums next to main GUI page of handy drums reggae standard v2 with computer music award stamp on top


Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Goran Rista is a professional session drummer and producer based out of Miami, FL, and founder of GoranGrooves.com.


Over two dozen virtual drum instruments consisting of thousands of drum samples and over 13,000 midi drum beats and drum fills, make him one of the world's most prolific drum loop producers.


Goran's drum set libraries and drum loops are used by over 90,000 performing musicians and studio producers worldwide. They are the soul and groove behind one of today's most popular and best-selling drum machines- BeatBuddy.


Curious to find out more?

Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Ready to get grooving?

Original price was: $29.00.Current price is: $20.00.