Handy Drums upgrade from v1 to v2 hero image: GUI v1 with arrow pointing to GUI v2.

Handy Drums v2.0 are here and they are packed with new features and improvements across the board. They are more powerful, sound better, and are easier to use than ever before.


We have attractive upgrade options for all existing customers wishing to upgrade to v2 of Handy Drums.


OPTION 1: From single plugins to Producer Collection

Upgrade to the Producer Collection v2 and receive credit for all your previous purchases of individual plugins. You pay the difference between what you spent on Handy Drums individual plugins and the current price of Producer Collection 2.


OPTION 2: Upgrade Producer Collection

Upgrade Producer Collection v1 to Producer Collection v2 for $75.


OPTION 3: Upgrade individual plugins

Upgrade any individual Handy Drums instrument from version 1 to version 2 of the same instrument and get 70% off its current price. For example, if a plugin now costs $35, your upgrade costs $10.50. The upgrade cost per plugin is unrelated to what you paid for v1.


  • Place the v2 of Handy Drums instruments you wish to upgrade in the cart.
  • Relevant upgrade discounts are calculated automatically at the cart/ checkout, and the final upgrade price will be displayed once you are logged in.
  • Complete your checkout and download the new version of Handy Drums plugins in your GoranGrooves Library account.


Make sure to read detailed information and upgrading facts here.



All Handy Grooves MIDI packs have been re-exported, reorganized, and re-packaged.

Handy Grooves v2 now come with installers that make the loops instantly accessible within all Handy Drums plugins.


Updating Handy Grooves from v1 to v2 is FREE. The latest version of the MIDI loops you purchased is in your GoranGrooves Library account.