HANDY DRUMS- Virtual Drum Plugins

VSTi/AU/AAX/ Standalone, professional, easy-to-use, sampled drum plugins, mix-ready for your DAW

GoranGrooves: Introduction To Handy Drums Plugins
Computer Music Innovation Award to Handy Drums plugins by GoranGrooves

I have to say that I’m impressed by the core drum sounds… In summary, great value, great sounds, and great usability.

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The easiest access to a range of kits that have clearly been expertly pored over,
and bottled with absolute precision.

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How Do they Sound? In a word, fantastic!

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Handy Drums – Perhaps The Simplest Drum VI Around

A poster showing a Reggae drumset from above.
A poster depicting a Yamaha Maple Custom sampled drumset virtual plugin instrument
A poster depicting a Yamaha Recording Custom sampled drumset virtual plugin instrument.
A poster depicting a set of three contas used in Latin music.
A poster depicting a pair of brushes across a snare drum used in this sampled virtual drumset plugin intrument.
A poster depicting a Rock sampled drumset virtual plugin instrument
Retro Custom sampled drumset plugin- poster artwork
A poster depicting a Vintage Ludwig sampled drumset virtual plugin instrument
A poster showing a three-piece drumset usually used for acoustic Jazz.
A poster depicting a cajon and bongos percussion virtual plugin instrument for Flamenco music.
A poster showing a John Bonham style drumset.
A poster depicting a djembe, representing World music.
A poster depicting a ballad rock drumset.
A pair of soft drum mallets on a drum used in this virtual drumset plugin.
A poster depicting a Metal music sampled drumset virtual plugin instrument


Professional, in-the-pocket, ready-to-use midi drum loops

They snap together beautifully,
particularly when you meld the appropriate genre-flavoured grooves with their respective kits.


…a perfect pairing for the singer-songwriter, musician, or producer who wants to get
a professional-sounding drum track up and grooving.


The grooves are very usable, the MIDI obviously editable, and the price pretty modest given what’s on offer.

Reggae drum loops- a lion with rasta hat and palm trees.
Rock hand symbol holding drum sticks with guitars and wings in the background- artwork poster
Chill drum beats artwork depicting the great Steve Gadd on drums
Hands playing on bongo cajon with a world map imprinted on them- artwork
Songwriter brushes artwork poster
Cymbal played by a drum stick- product artwork poster
Jazz drummer playing drums- poster artwork
Flamenco dancer with castanets silhouette with a rose- product artwork poster
Country music acoustic guitar and cowboy boots with hat- artwork poster
Metal music scull with drum sticks behind it- artwork poster