Handy Drums V2.0 are here, packed with new features, functionalities and improvements right across the board. They are more powerful, sound better and are easier to use than ever before.

In an exciting collaboration, GoranGrooves and AVID have teamed up to present an exclusive offering to the Pro Tools community.
The latest version of the highly acclaimed drum software, Handy Drums Studio Standard v2.0, is now available at no additional cost to all monthly and annual Pro Tools subscribers and those on the Upgrade Plan for perpetual licenses.

WTF has Goran been up to? Glad you asked!
What started as a 8h recording session split into two days, was followed by 4 weeks of the grueling work of editing, mixing, organizing, naming and exporting percussion samples.
Find out what is coming.

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Our first major update to Handy Drums is here! Version 1.4.0 is packed with improvements across the board and makes the world’s simplest virtual drums even easier to use. Watch the video to get all the juicy details.

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Reggae Drummer Dominik was one of the first to have a go at our REGGAE STANDARD drumset plugin. He liked it so much that he decided to do a video review. Hear this fine Reggae drummer and what he has to say.

A combination of MIDI drum loops with drum plugins offers the ultimate flexibility when crafting your own drum tracks. Learn what they are. If you are completely new to the concept, this video and article is for you.