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Back in the ’60s, ’70s, and even ’80s, drumming session greats used to record drums at a much lower level than they do these days. They played the drums with a lighter touch yet grooved so hard and achieved great sounds. In the spirit of the bygone era, we produced this collection of chill drum loops.


When you want the grooves of your songs to cook at a lower intensity, these drum loops are a perfect choice. All of the drum grooves in this collection are half the velocity of regular drum loops and are “in the pocket.” Finesse and tasteful grooves abound! Use them in your originals or covers in various styles: Pop, Light Rock, Acoustic, Ballads, Blues, Country, Smooth Jazz, and more.


We created them with Handy Drums Retro Custom sampled drumset in mind. As you can hear from the demo, they fit like hand in glove.


Included in the Chill Drum Beats midi loops collection are:

  • Light-sounding beats played at medium velocity
  • A total of 414 grooves
  • 54 drum loops in 6/8 time signature in straight 8, 16ths and swung 16ths feel
  • 126 drum loops in 4/4 with straight 8 feel
  • 120 drum loops in 4/4 with straight 16ths feel
  • 57 Shuffle drum loops (swung 8ths)
  • 63 drum loops in 4/4 with swung 16ths feel
  • Syncopated snare beats, syncopated kick beats, and sync hats accents
  • Tasteful, subtle ghost notes on the snare drum
  • Variable hi-hats allow you to adjust the openness just by utilizing CC4
  • Accompanying drum fills for all grooves

*  These loops are not compatible with BeatBuddy.


Type: Midi Loops

Size: 254KB


 Goran Rista

Format: MIDI- Type 1




Light, groovy drum beats on your track with a few clicks of the mouse.

Use them out of the box or as a foundation for your own custom grooves.

For producers and songwriters alike.

Handy Grooves Chill drum loops– a treasure trove of usable beats

Handy Grooves Chill drum loops– a treasure trove of usable beats

We know the chances are that you will likely start with simple things and let your music grow from there. The last thing you want are loops that sound like a drummer is doing a solo concert.

This collection of mellow drum loops contains very basic grooves in addition to the more complex ones. As the name implies, you can actually use these loops in your music to make it groove.

Human Feel

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

Great drummers shift the timing of certain beats ever so slightly to create a more groovy beat while keeping the groove consistent. Be it laying back on the snare, swinging of the hats or kick, they all contribute to what makes a drummer groove feel good in music.

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

Expertly Edited

Expertly Edited

Merely recording even a world-class drummer on an e-drumset doesn’t guarantee the end results will translate to an acoustic-like performance. We carefully edit each note so that what you hear sounds as close as possible to what a great drummer would sound on acoustic drums. We then make sure that the feel is consistent throughout and that the grooves loop seamlessly.


Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

Humans play dynamically, accent some notes, and play others softer or “ghosting” them to achieve groovy and driving beats, almost making the drums “talk.”

Micro-dynamics can make or break a groove. Properly sampled instruments sound different depending on how hard they are played. 

Our midi loops contain the all-important realistic dynamics and articulations to convey the natural performance.

Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

“In the Pocket”

“In the Pocket”

Together, human timing, microdynamics, and articulation are some of the elements that make a groove sound “in the pocket.” Drummers spend years perfecting their own “feel,” trying to get the best combination of those. Although nothing beats a great drummer playing real drums, we did our best to translate as much of that essence as possible into these gentle loops and into your music.

Practical time-saver

Save time programming when you use one of our drum loops as the starting point. With the main beat, dynamics, and human feel already in place, customize them by muting, dragging, changing the notes, or even drum kits while preserving the original human elements.

Variable Hi-hats

Variable Hi-hats

Variable hi-hats allow you to easily adjust how open or how close a hi-hat is played. Handy Grooves CHILL DRUM BEATS loops were created for Handy Drums range of plugins, which accomplish variable hi-hats in the most practical and easy way possible. The hi-hats utilize only two notes: one for the edge and the other for the tip sounds and you can regulate the openness on the go by utilizing the CC4.


Watch the video to see how easy it is to do this.

Perfect Companions- HANDY DRUMS plugins

Retro custom virtual sampled drumset plugin- 3d box artwork

Pair the Handy Grooves CHILL DRUM BEATS loops with RETRO CUSTOM or one of the other Handy Drums plugins, our ultra-realistic sampled drum kits to take your programmed drum track to the next level.

With sound varieties abound, you are set to find the one that blends right into your song. While our loops conform to GM drum mapping wherever practical, they were created as the perfect accompaniment to our virtual instruments.

Retro custom virtual sampled drumset plugin- 3d box artwork


Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Goran Rista is a professional session drummer and producer based out of Miami, FL, and founder of GoranGrooves.com.


He has created around 25 virtual drum instruments, and over 13,000 midi drum beats and drum fills, making him one of the world’s most prolific drum loop producers.


Goran’s drum set libraries and drum loops are used by over 85,000 musicians and producers in both live and recording settings.


Read more here.

Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Ready to get grooving?


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