Handy Grooves- CYMBAL BEATS

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There are times when you don’t want a strong kick and snare beats but a fluid, delicate groove to stay out of the way yet still drive the song forward. This collection of cymbal beats was made for very such scenarios.


Pick one or more simple cymbal beats or combine them into more complex grooves while keeping them musical and feeling good. Adjust the overall velocity of the beats to make them as light or strong as you require.


Perfect for song breaks and light sections.


Included in this Cymbal Beat midi loop collection are:

  • 237 Cymbal beat variations accompanied by the 50 cymbal fills
  • All straight feel
  • Time Signatures
    • 4/4
    • 3/4
    • 5/4
    • 5/8
    • 6/8
    • 7/8
    • 9/8
  • Pulse and subdivisions: halftime, quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes
  • Cymbal swells
  • Crescendo/ Decrescendo beats


Pair them with one of our meticulously sampled cymbals included in the Handy Drums plugins range.

These beats are not compatible with BeatBuddy.


Type: Midi Loops

Size: 300KB


 Goran Rista

Format: MIDI- Type 0, Type 1



(Win 7+)  (MacOS 10.11+, dual binary)

Delicate groovy cymbal beats on your track with a touch of the mouse.

Use them out of the box or merge them into your own custom beats.

For producers and songwriters alike.

Handy Grooves: Cymbal loops you can actually use

Handy Grooves: Cymbal loops you can actually use

We created these cymbal beats to serve you, the songwriter, musician, producer.


They will provide solid time-keeping while staying out of the way. Whether you want to settle for the simplest of the simple cymbal grooves or require something more vigorous, this cymbal groove collection is all you need.


Let these ride cymbal loops provide the groove and space your music needs to breathe.

They snap together beautifully, particularly when you meld
the appropriate genre-flavoured grooves with their respective kits.


A turnkey way to stay focused on your creativity and songwriting
without worrying about the details.


The grooves are very usable, the MIDI obviously editable,
and the price pretty modest given what’s on offer.


Human Feel

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

We, drummers, shift the timing of subdivisions and beats ever slightly when we play. The best among us do so in a highly consistent way, providing the music with the groove and “feel good.”


Although they are MIDI cymbal loops, they will provide your music the groove it needs to feel good.

Zoomed in view of midi note off grid indicating human feel

Expertly Edited And Programmed

Expertly Edited And Programmed

Quite often what we play on e-drums doesn’t translate well to what we expect to hear back. However, all that matters is the sound of end results.


Careful editing and additional programming are necessary to bring the intention to reality.


These MIDI cymbal beats are clean, loop seamlessly, and sound the way you expect an acoustic ride cymbal to sound when played by an experienced professional drummer.


Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

Much like the way we speak, soft and loud notes played on a cymbal make the groove “speak.” Soft notes provide subliminal groove flow, while the louder ones accentuate the rhythm.


Our cymbal midi loops are a blend of the all-important realistic dynamics and articulations to convey the natural performance.

Demonstration of dynamics of midi files

“In the Pocket”

“In the Pocket”

A tasteful blend of natural feel with consistent timing, microdynamics, and articulations provide for an “in the pocket” cymbal beat. Drummers spend years perfecting such combinations.


Although nothing beats a great drummer driving a cymbal groove, we did our best to decipher as much of that essence as possible into our cymbal loops and your music.

Practical time-saver

Save time programming by starting with one or a few of our cymbal loops. Put together new cymbal beats by combining some of these.


Taking advantage of the main beat, dynamics, and feel already in place, tweak them to your heart’s desires. Customize them by muting notes, swapping cymbals, changing articulations, or even drum kits while preserving the original elements.

Perfect Companions

Pair the Handy Grooves CYMBAL BEATS loops with award-winning Handy Drums plugins, our ultra-realistic sampled drum, and cymbal kits to make your MIDI cymbal loops sound realistic.


Handy Drums and Handy Grooves is a perfect pairing for the singer-songwriter, musician, or producer who wants to get a professional-sounding drum track up and grooving.


With sound varieties abound, you are set to find the cymbals that blend right into your music. While our loops conform to GM drum mapping wherever practical, they were created as the perfect accompaniment to our virtual instruments.


Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Goran Rista is a professional session drummer and producer based out of Miami, FL, and founder of GoranGrooves.com.


Over two dozen virtual drum instruments consisting of thousands of drum samples and over 13,000 midi drum beats and drum fills, make him one of the world's most prolific drum loop producers.


Goran's drum set libraries and drum loops are used by over 90,000 performing musicians and studio producers worldwide. They are the soul and groove behind one of today's most popular and best-selling drum machines- BeatBuddy.


Curious to find out more?

Meet the drummer producer Goran Rista

Ready to get grooving?