How To Upgrade Handy Drums V1 to V2

Considering upgrading Handy Drums to v2.0? Here are your upgrade options.

Facts to keep in mind: #

  • New license keys will be issued for all plugins, including bundle license keys for the Producer Collection. The new license keys must be entered on your first launch of Handy Drums v2, and the previous ones will be overwritten.
  • On Windows, it is recommended that you uninstall any previous version of Handy Drums you may have before installing the v2. This includes the sample library. You can do this from Add Remove Programs, the system control panel on your PC.
  • If you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to do this manually. The installation locations of all components are here.
  • The new version of the plugins still has the same plugin ID so that the new plugins will open in your existing DAW projects.
  • However, because new components were introduced in v2, the plugins loaded in an existing session may not be initiated properly. Some notes may not be mapped, and some sliders may not have the correct values. We recommend loading the plugin’s default preset for v2 from the Preset Manager and checking the mapping and other components. Alternatively, you can remove the plugin from the track and add it back. At this point, it will initialize with the new default values.
  • Pay attention to the sound of variable hats and the snare drum to ensure full articulations (hat tip/ edge, snare head/rimshot). If that is not the case, we recommend removing and adding the plugin back to the session.
  • “John Bonham-Style.” This kit was rebranded into Rock Legend and remixed from the ground up. It now has a different ride cymbal, additional strainer-off snare (head/ rimshot), and rim click. Before upgrading, please listen to the new audio demo for Rock Legend to ensure you are happy with the new sound. Download a free trial if unsure. The plugin has the same ID so that it will open in your existing sessions.
  • Studio Legend. This kit was also remixed. It now sounds more natural and sits better in the mix. It is also slightly more ambient-sounding. Ensure you are happy with the new sound before upgrading. Listen to the new audio demo and download a free trial if you are uncertain.

How To Upgrade #

  • Add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout.
  • Once you log in, the upgrade discount will be applied to your order.
  • Complete the upgrade purchase and download the new version from your GoranGrooves Library account, along with the newly issued license key(s).
  • Install the new Handy Drums after uninstalling/ removing the previous ones, and enter the new license key(s) when prompted.