In partnership with AVID, GoranGrooves brings you Handy Drums STUDIO STANDARD – the simplest solution for including realistic-sounding drums into your music production! Our best-selling VI drums feature the sought-after Yamaha Maple Custom drums, known for their warm and punchy sound that captures the essence of recording studio character.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, the Studio Standard is an excellent kit for contemporary music styles. It’s an all-rounder suitable for any genre you’re working on. The sound of these drums is “close up” with crispy presence and short sustain, giving you a clear and focused sound that sits flawlessly in your mix.

The snare is snappy and deep with a real sizzly snare wire character that cuts through the mix. The kick is weighty, short, and punches through the speakers, providing a solid foundation for your beats. The toms have a clear note and a fast release, making them ideal for those big hits.

The hi-hats and cymbals are equally impressive, with plenty of presence that blends seamlessly with the rest of the drums. With the Studio Standard, you’ll get an immaculate sound balance, ensuring your tracks sound polished and professional.

A full suite of GM-mapped percussion will allow you to additional groove layers for even more color and musical variety.

If you’re looking for a “Swiss army knife” kind of drum kit, then the STUDIO STANDARD, with its full suite of acoustic percussion, is an exceptional choice.

With stunning drum sound, mix-ready right out of the box, Handy Drums are the most practical, professional virtual drum instruments for your recording project.