Behind The Scenes Of GoranGrooves:

Sampling Of Additional Percussion Instruments

GoranGrooves BTS- Sampling Additional Percussion for Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION

by Goran Rista

Latin Percussion Rhythms is a highly-requested and anticipated MIDI pack that I have procrastinated the most to produce. The effort and complexity of putting them together far transcend any regular MIDI drum loop production. The years of procrastination efforts seem to be finally coming to an end.


I recently finally managed to gather enough motivation, which would see me last through the enormous tasks of putting together the most comprehensive, authentic, great-feeling MIDI pack of Latin rhythms for Handy Drums. Once I started compiling a list of all Latin/ Caribbean music styles, I realized I was short on some instruments, and I had to break from beat production to “quickly” record and add a few more percussion instruments.


That rapid task turned out to be another massive undertaking. Yes, I should have known better by now.


Anyhow, with the help of my buddy, Kevin Abanto, a fantastic multi-instrumentalist percussionist, we recorded several new percussion instruments. In addition to sampling the Batá drums, Peruvian cajon, panderetas, cajita, and vibraslap for the first time, we also resampled the timbales and the djembe. The new timbales will find their way into Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION, STUDIO STANDARD, and FLAMENCO PERCUSSION, while the new djembe will be added to the WORLD PERCUSSION.


Here is the look behind the scenes of the work in progress.