Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS- Update v 1.4.53

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Published on April 28, 2023.

3D view of the Handy Drums Latin Percussion plugin GUI.

Overview #

Maintenance update v 1.4.53 for Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS is now available and improves several aspects of the instrument’s playability. We recommend that all owners of this VI (full version and free trial) and the Complete Production update it now.

  • Cowbells’ internal sampler (containing all bells) was replaced with three samplers for each individual bell (bongo bell, cencerro bell, cha-cha bell).
  • Cha-cha bell had one wrong articulation replaced (hi notes contained a low note)
  • The “Bells” monolith sample file is no longer in use and has been replaced with three individual monolith sample files.
  • The gain curve for each bell type was updated to allow for more dynamics between articulations. Accented strokes played on the bell side can now be as loud as those played on the bell mouth, all on the same note.
  • Replaced wrong cencerro bell side stroke
  • Quinto, Conga, and Tumba muted notes now mute the open notes.
  • Fixed the missing snare cross-stick samples in 2 round robin groups

How To Update #

This version 1.4.53 of the LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS is provided only as the full installer, and all previous “update only” installers for this instrument have been removed.

To update your copy, you will need to download the full installer from your GoranGrooves Library account and install it in your system. The installers will replace the previous version of the plugins and the sample library you have installed for this instrument.

You MUST install the sample library in addition to the plugins and standalone app, as some sample monolith files have changed.

This version will also link the updated plugin to the updated sample library.