Latin Percussion V2 Drum Map- Handy Drums

This is the default drum map for Handy Drums Latin Percussion V2 (virtual instrument)

Please note that V2 has more instruments than V1. Latin Percussion v1 drum map can be accessed here.

Drum maps can be easily customized to your needs in all Handy Drums Instruments.

31G0Vari Hats Tip (CC4)
33A0Vari Hats Edge (CC4)
37C#1Cross stick Snare
40E1Cascara Hoop / Snare Rimshot**E-drummer mode
41F1Cascara Hoop**E-drummer mode
42F#1Hi-Hat Closed GM
43G1Tom 4
44G#1Hi-Hat Foot
45A1Tom 3
46A#1Hi-hat Open GM
47B1Hi-Hat Foot Splash
48C2Tom 2
49C#2Crash Cymbal 1
50D2Tom 1
51D#2Ride Cymbal
53F2Ride Bell
55G2Splash Cymbal 1
56G#2Bongo Belltip / open
57A2Crash Cymbal 2
58A#2Conga Mutefingers / palm / mute / closed slap / rumba slap
59B2Splash Cymbal 2
60C3Bongo Hipalm fingers / mute / open / slap / closed
61C#3Bongo LowMute / open
62D3Quinto Openopen / open slap
63D#3Quinto Mutedfinger / palm / mute / closed slap / rumba slap
64E3Conga Openopen / open slap
65F3Timbale Hiopen / rimshot
66F#3Timbale Lowmute / open/ rimshot
67G3Timbale Low HandMute / open
68G#3Cabasa Short
69A3Cabasa Long
70A#3Maracas L
71B3Maracas R
72C4Mambo Bellside/ open
73C#4Guiro Short
74D4Guiro Long
76E4Jam Block
77F4Tumba Basspalm / bass
78F#4Tumba Openopen/ open slap
79G4Tumba Mutefinger/ palm/ mute/ closed slap/ rumba slap
80G#4Guira Short
81A4Guira Long
82A#4Pandereta Lowmute/ open/ slap
83B4Click / Metronome
84C5Pandereta Medopen/ slap
85C#5Pandereta Hiopen/ slap
86D5Cascara R (low)
87D#5Cascara L (hi)
88E5Cha-cha Belltip / open
89F5Cencero Belltip / open
90F#5Timbale Cymbal
91G5Timbale C Ride
92G#5Timbale Ride Bell
94A#5Cajon (Peruvian)- Bass Open
95B5Cajon (Peruvian)- Bass Muted
96C6Cajon (Peruvian)- Hi fingers/ hand
97C#6Tambora Hand- open
98D6Tambora Hand- mutemute/ slap
99D#6Tambora Stick- headmute/ open
100E6Tambora Stick- rim
101F6Shekere Up
105A6Báta Large- Low Bass Muted
106A#6Báta Large- Low Open
107B6Báta Large- Low Mutedfingers/ palm
108C7Báta Large- High Openopen/ open slap
109C#7Báta Large- High Mutedfingers/ closed slap
110D7Báta Medium- Low Open
111D#7Báta Medium- Low Mutedfingers/ palm
112E7Báta Medium- High Openopen/ open slap
113F7Báta Medium- High Mutedfingers/ closed slap
114F#7Báta Small- Low Open
115G7Báta Small- Low Mutedfingers/ palm
116G#7Báta Small- High Openopen/ open slap
117A7Báta Small- High Mutedfingers/ closed slap
118A#7Cajita Lid
119B7Cajita Stick

* E-Drummer Mode splits the snare drum into snare head (D1) and snare rimshot (E1) when enabled. Any note previously mapped to E1 will move to the next available note, for example, F1.