Relocate Sample Library Location For Handy Drums Plugins

Introduction #

It is highly advisable to place the sample libraries on a fast disc, preferably an SSD. It will help with the loading time and real-time performance.

Handy Drums installers for both Windows and macOS allow you to install sample libraries simultaneously as the plugins. This process ensures that you can start playing the instruments right away without further manual action.

While Windows installers allow you to pick the location where you would like the sample libraries to be installed (on any disc in your system), Mac installers do not offer this luxury. The sample libraries need to be installed to their default locations on the main system disc but can be moved manually after the fact.

For the plugins to playback the samples, the location of sample libraries need to be known by the plugins. Installers for both PC and Mac achieve this by writing a link file to appropriate application support directories for each plugin. When a Handy Drums plugin is started, it will look for this link to know where the samples are.

How To Manually Relocate Sample Libraries #

There are two steps involved to relocate the sample libraries.

Step 1- Move The Sample Library Folder #

Using your computer browser (finder on Mac), move the previously installed sample library to a location of your choice.

The default installation locations are:


C:/Program Files/GoranGrooves Samples/Handy Drums/Name Of Plugin

Since you could pick the installation location on PC, the actual location of the installed samples may be different from the default location. 


Macintosh HD > Library > GoranGrooves Samples > Handy Drums > Name Of Plugin

This location is where you will find them on Mac.

We recommend that you keep the folder and subfolder structure in the new location as initially installed. 

Open the Handy Drums plugin or standalone app for which you relocated the sample library. Click on the gears icon in the lower right corner to open up the settings panel. 

Click on the “Change sample folder location” button and navigate to the location where you relocated the sample library. You will need to navigate to the lowest folder in the hierarchy that contains the actual samples.

Click Select Folder to save changes.

You will be prompted to reload the plugin for changes to take effect and for you to play the instrument.

Note: Each plugin has a dedicated sample library and a dedicated library link. You will need to repeat this process for each plugin you relocate its sample library.