How To Import GoranGrooves Drum Maps Into Cubase

Introduction #

One of Steinberg’s Cubase and Nuendo DAW’s great features is their ability to create, customize, save, and import drum maps.

Since Cubase is our preferred DAW of choice, we have all of our Cubase drum maps available to you. This will make using our plugins and loops even easier and handier.

How To Import A Drum Map Into Cubase/ Nuendo #

Select Existing or Create a New MIDI Track #

Since a drum map is not global but specific to every MIDI track present in a project, you will need to select a MIDI track for which you want to load a drum map or create a new MIDI track.

Drum Map Setup #

Click on the drop-down menu in the left panel of the track settings. There you will find GM Drum Map, while no drum map will be selected by default. Select “Drum Map Setup…

Import Custom Drum Map #

Drum Map Setup popup window will open up. Click on “Functions” in the top left corner. From the drop-down menu, select “Load.”

Browse to the location where you saved your GoranGrooves Drum Maps, select the ones you would like to load, and click open.

The selected drum maps will be imported and added to your list of available drum maps for this project. Close the Drum Map Setup popup window.

Load Custom Drum Map #

Go back to the drum map drop-down, and from there, select the newly imported drum map. 

View Your Custom Drum Map #

You can view the drum map within the MIDI event editor by creating a new event on the MIDI track and opening it. The instrument names on the left will reflect the custom drum map and correspond to the correct notes in GoranGrooves plugins and MIDI loops.

You can repeat the process to load additional drum maps. All imported drum maps will be made available to all MIDI and Instrument tracks in the current project.

TIP: It is best to keep all of your custom drum maps, including GoranGrooves drum maps, in a single location where you can quickly locate them.

You can edit the drum maps inside the MIDI event editor or inside the Drum Map Setup window and save them for future use.