Handy Drums Free Trial

Introduction #

Starting with version 1.4.0, all Handy Drums plugins feature a free trial option.

The purpose of the free trial option is to allow you to ensure the plugins work as expected on your system and that they meet your expectations with their sound and usability.

The software installers for the free trials and full versions are identical, and so are the plugins. When purchasing full, paid products, a license key is provided for each product, which unlocks them.

Download A Free Trial #

Free trial downloads can be obtained from all product pages by clicking on the TRY FREE button next to the “add to cart” button.

If you are looking to try a V2 of Handy Drums product and you have already obtained a free trial V1 of the same product, you can download the new version from your GoranGrooves Library account. You won’t be able to add the free trial for the same product to the cart again.

Clicking on the “free trial” button will add the relevant product (without a license key) to your cart.

Complete the checkout and download the software from your GoranGrooves Library account.

If the download process is not self-evident to you, see this doc.

Starting a Free Trial #

Follow installation instructions for either Windows or Mac to install the software successfully.

  • After installing Handy Drums on your system, load it inside your DAW.

Depending on which plugin you installed, a GUI such as this will open up.

By default, when you launch the plugin for the first time, it is muted until you either enter the license key or start the free trial.

  • Click on the FREE TRIAL button to unmute it and begin using it.

If you use the plugin in stereo mode, you will hear a gentle white noise burst, or additional sine wave signals if you use it in multi-output mode.

Limitations #

The free trial offers full, unlimited functionalities of the plugins.

The free trial’s limitation is that the gentle white noise/ sine wave bursts you hear at the start will repeat at random intervals between 30 and 90 seconds.

Entering a license key will remove these limitations permanently.

IMPORTANT: Whenever a plugin still in trial mode is loaded into a session, or an existing session containing Handy Drums plugin in trial mode is re-opened, the plugin will open in its initial muted state.

You must press the FREE TRIAL button every time this happens to unmute it and continue using the plugin in the free trial mode. Entering the license key will remove this requirement for good, and the plugin will open in full audible state from there on.

Unlocking The Plugin And Removing Limitations #

To unlock the plugin you have been testing, purchase the full version of the same, at GoranGrooves Library.

You will be assigned a unique license key, which you will find in your GoranGrooves Account right next to the download button.

You DO NOT need to re-download and re-install the plugin you have been testing. You only need to enter the license key you have been provided.

To enter the license key, load the Handy Drums plugin into a new session or open an existing session containing Handy Drums so that the plugin can initiate in its default state. On the initial screen, paste the license key you copied from your account and click the AUTHORIZE button.

Your plugin will be permanently unlocked, and you can continue making wonderful music without the interruption of white noise or sine wave bursts.